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Six themed shots from the archives – a new blog project

…in which I open the vaults containing my vast archive of travel photographs.

Nights are getting shorter here in Finland as summer approaches.

Here are some reminders of what we’ll be missing in the Finnish capital:


New look central Helsinki: the “Citizens’ Square” beneath the Music Centre with Sanomatalo, HQ of the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, to the right and the Pike sculpture by Reijo Hukkanen in the foreground.


Rare sighting of the Northern Lights or aurora borealis on the island of Harrakka in March 2013. The aurora has reached a cyclical peak and sightings have been more common than usual this far south in the last year or so.


Lights from the Juttutupa restaurant near Hakaniemi reflected on the water.


Helsinki’s National Opera House and the tower of the Olympic Stadium.



Apartment blocks at Siltasaari, close to the Hakaniemi square.


Fairground rides at the Linnanmäki amusement park.

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