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Six themed shots from the archives at www.timbirdphotography.com

The Anja Community Reserve in Madagascar is known as one of the best places to encounter ring-tailed lemurs, but it’s also distinguished by its incredible scenery. Located about 15 kilometres south of the town of Ambalavao, itself the site of regular cattle markets, Anja covers about 30 hectares of wooded land around the base of spectacular outcrops where the caves were used as ancient Betsilao tribal tombs and are still sacred sites for the local community. That community is empowered with the responsibility to manage the reserve and the short but varied hiking trails that lead up to the rock faces and past the homes of the inquisitive lemurs.

We visited in autumn 2012 and watched the rocks glow in strange blue light as a storm approached in the evening and the following morning we saw the swirling mist pierced by the rising sunlight. Unforgettable.

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