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A certain Malaysian airline has had some rough luck lately and it doesn’t deserve the dark name it has acquired. A year ago it was flying me, safely and comfortably, from London to Sarawak, the Malaysian section of Borneo.

By way of a morale boost for Malaysia and a personal reminder of my trip, here are six shots from the Boko National Park, an agreeably compact area of preserved rain forest and mangrove shorelines that is home to some extraordinary wildlife and dramatic maritime scenery. It’s accessible (by road and then boat) from the Sarawak capital Kuching and visitors have a great chance of some exciting close-up encounters with a variety of beasties.


Proboscis Monkey – Bako is one of the best places to see this rare and large-nosed creature, found only on Borneo.


Wave-cut platforms and rock pools in weird shapes mark the coastline.


At low tide, shell-dwelling hermit crabs cling to the vegetation.


Langurs and macaques are among the monkey species.


Mudskippers scuttle around the sand at low tide.


Boko is easy to reach from Sarawak’s capital, Kuching, but feels remote. It can only be reached by boat – there are no roads, just hiking trails.

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