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A reasonably regular photo blog of six images either taken from or about to add to my considerable travel photography archives at www.timbirdphotography.com

I’ve just downloaded a fun plug-in for Lightroom called Topaz BW Effects and I’ve been playing around with it. It seems especially interesting when processing portraits, and I seem to have developed a special interest in the photographic possibilities of skin and facial features. I’ve tried it out with some pictures from Indian travels.  See what you think, and let me know! Feedback and photographic discussions always welcome.


My driver in Rajasthan. He took me to the house of an opium seller. Really. The opium seller was purportedly licensed. Yes, I did try it and no, it wasn’t very strong. In any case, I thought the driver’s face was remarkable, even before I went anywhere near the opium.


In Rajasthan I was taken for a brief visit to a tribal visit where this lady posed for me. In India they thought of every fashion centuries before they devised it in Europe. Check out the bangles and the nose decoration.


Two Rajasthani gentleman enjoying not doing much in particular, a popular pursuit in rural India and one that’s underrated in the West..


I met this incredibly photogenic lady in a backstreet in Jaipur. Nice big ankle bangles, in addition to a face that tells a few stories.


Books, most of them of the religious Muslim variety, are the theme in this one, not skin. Shot at the Nizamuddin Sufi shrine in Delhi.


King of his village: this fellow winds down in the evening in the northern state of Bihar.

As I said, feedback and comments always welcome. If you have enjoyed your visit, Tweet, Share and sing it to the rooftops. And do come back again.