At last – my new eBook, ‘Motion Pictures – a travel photographer’s companion‘ is now available on three eBook platforms. In addition to the launch version for Amazon Kindle, the richly illustrated 96-page all-colour book can now be bought on iTunes and Kobo.


My new logo – fresh from the brilliant Ea Söderberg, who also designed Motion Pictures.

Quoting my own blurb: “Designed especially for viewing on colour devices, this is a  beautifully designed companion to anyone whose twin passions are travel and photography. The book contains tips, advice and anecdotes by experienced award-winning photographer and writer Tim Bird, illustrated with his own colour photos, and featuring sections by three top guest photographers. An entertaining and inspiring companion rather than a ‘how-to’ manual, this eBook discusses cultural issues encountered when using your camera in exotic locations as well as practical shooting situations.”


My eBook – out now on iTunes, Amazon and Kobo.