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Time to revive my sadly infrequent photo blog, formerly Six Picks, now rechristened Six Images, in which I present six themed photos (sometimes a few more if I am feeling especially generous) from my uncontrollably mushrooming archives. Visit my website at www.timbirdphotography.com for a collection of galleries.

I was inspired to kick-start the blog again by a visit to the Swiss Alps, specifically the region dominated by the three mountains of Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau. Living in Finland, we have to travel to see mountains although there are a few in northern Lapland. That’s OK, Finland has other charms. But I do love a good mountain and I think that if I woke up to the view across the Lauterbrunnen Valley every day, I would never cease to be amazed by it. I thought I should share a few views to press the point home.


Outlying farms and cottages close to the town of Mürren, at the foot of the Schilthorn mountain. The Schilthorn Cableway takes you up from the valley to the Bond World museum at mountaintop Piz Gloria, where scenes from the Bond movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, were filmed. I wasn’t ready for wintery snow, nor temperatures of minus seven centigrade – in September, for goodness sake. But it was beautiful.



The sheer sides of the Lauterbrunnen valley reflect spectacular morning sunlight. Waterfalls cascade down the cliff face.


Another view along the valley from the Trümmelbach falls, towards the town of Lauterbrunnen.


Mönch, the smallest of the three peaks, glimpsed through the clouds from the blissfully traffic-free town of Mürren.


OK, so it could be Eiger, it could be Jungfrau, but it’s magnificent anyway, especially in the magical light just before sunset.


A night shot of the ridge of mountains further along the valley from Mürren. I spend an hour in the darkness here gazing at the Milky Way and making a few wishes on shooting stars (I’ll tell you only if they come true).

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Visit https://schilthorn.ch/en/Welcome to find out more about the local attractions and the Cableway.

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