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It’s Glastonbury weekend in England, which brings to mind Helsinki’s own festive fare. Summer in Finland is when the place comes alive with music and dance festivals of just about every imaginable kind, from chamber music to opera, to jazz to samba, from world music to heavy metal. Small sleepy towns spring into life as they’re invaded for a few wild summer days with festival fans. Helsinki has its fair share of the summer festivals too. There really is something for everyone. Here you have six quick visits to festive summer Finland:


Elbow’s Guy Garvey at Turku’s Ruisrock.

The now sadly deceased Gil Scott Heron at Pori Jazz.

The now sadly deceased Gil Scott Heron at Pori Jazz.


Chinese dancers at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival.


3D spectacles in place for Kraftwerk at Helsinki’s Flow.


“Giving it the horn” at the Tuska Metal Festival, Helsinki.


Dancers ready for the procession at Helsinki’s Samba Carnaval

These are just the tip of Finland’s festival iceberg (and in case you were wondering, no icebergs here in winter or any other time, although if your idea of a good festival is rolling around in mud, you’ll probably find somewhere to do that). Literature, dance, visual art, movies… you name it. To find out more, visit the Finland Festivals website:

Individual Festival links for those mentioned above:



Pori Jazz:



Helsinki Samba Carnaval:

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